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Wild Plants Temperate Ferns Vol 2

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Image: Wild Plants Temperate Ferns Vol 2

Title: Wild Plants Temperate Ferns Vol 2 – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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A great bundle of 20 highly detailed models of ferns that are perfect for both ground cover and growing on other objects such as trees, rocks or even buildings. To that end , included are a set of vertical maidenhair ferns that will look great both as stand alone dotted around a cliff face or on the odd tree stump or used en mass to blend the ground plane with other objects .

Species represented in this bundle are the maiden hair fern, a pretty, delicate fern found in damp shady places, great for woodland, caves, rocky river banks or in a pot in the conservatory or on a digital coffee table. And the Dwarf Brazilian Tree Fern (Blechnum brasiliense)- not really a tree fern at all in the sense we all know but more of a fern with a large crown and leathery foliage, perfect in both a temperate or tropical setting, again preferring shade, and great both as a feature or hero plant or en mass where it creates a more architectural ground cover.

All textures have been created using Daz studio and Irays powerful material system and scanned high resolution images taken from ferns in my own garden. Load in to your scene and if you want to use this bundle to its full potential, introduce slight variations in scale, and in the y rotation axis. This will turn your twenty height detail models in to a bundle with literally thousands of variations with only a couple of adjustments. Also great for instancing where the same advice applies!

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