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Title: TT Interior Hall – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Twisted Tower interior Hall, a mix match of contemporary elegance between iconic pieces of furniture and unique design blend of contemporary architectural details. This set offers the potential for incredibly realistic and powerful aesthetic images.

Not only it can be used as a stand-alone but it offers plenty of props for other scenes or projects and with the option of linking the exterior and interior seamlessly if you own the required products. With a plethora of options that will keep you seriously engaged.

Every prop, furniture, chandelier, and facade are moveable or hideable, giving even more possibilities to replace or move furniture according to taste or purpose. Designed for the production of 4K images in a broad plenitude of ranges, the number of options that offer in Lights, Materials, and Layouts are close to infinity.

Required products are not necessary for the use of the Interior Hall, it includes high opacity glass materials for use without the required products, also cityscapes or landscapes photos or HDRI will work like a charm for backgrounds, avoiding the use of extra models.

When using the mix sets one has the enhanced possibility to change the materials of buildings trees pavements and lights, adjusting it to your Characters or projects. When used with the required products, it works has a massive Kit one can also move or hide the buildings, roads, trees, grass, adjusting it according to the needs of your image, or limitations of hardware, or time available. It also included the introduction of instances in all Set's, HD High Res and LD Low Res for pavements materials, because most of the time one does not need the HD pavements, for better memory management and faster workflow.

Finally, for storytelling, it offers a seamless connection between exterior and interior.

Important Notes:

It does not include the characters and cars.The required products are not necessary to use this product, they just complement with exterior options and additional HD pavement textures at 8k the TTIH comes with 4k.

All promo renders are in Iray and are included in the scenes.

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