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Title: All That Glitters LIE Tattoos – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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All That Glitters brings a touch of gold to your renders. After all, don't your female characters deserve the very best?

All That Glitters LIE Tattoos includes tribal overlays, fantasy, decorative, exotic, whimsical and floral. From goofy fairies to elegant ladies, this pack will enhance any makeup you have for your girls.

These can be used with LIE Overlay, and even Emissives, such as the ones found in Fire Walk. But you can only use one metallic at a time on the surface it is applied to.

These 25 metallic overlays for iray can be changed to virtually any color by simply changing the "Metallic Flakes" color in the Surfaces tab. Most of them are face only, but a few have lip accents added.

You can find them in the Materials folder for Genesis 8 Female, but they will work just as well on Genesis 3 characters. Some of them will even work on your Genesis 3 and 8 Male characters, but they are fitted to Genesis 8 female.

Note: All That Glitters LIE Tattoos is NOT a merchant resource.

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