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How to Create a New Daz Studio Custom Creature

Dawnload How to Create a New Daz Studio Custom Creature for free
Image: How to Create a New Daz Studio Custom Creature

Title: How to Create a New Daz Studio Custom Creature – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Have you ever wished to create a unique and customised creature for Daz Studio?

We'll teach you how....

Create a NEW creature : fully rigged and prepped from scratch!

This new masterclass from SickleYield teaches you all the steps of creating a custom creature for Daz Studio – from a new bone structure through to completion with full texturing.

A professional workflow is shown from start to finish, dealing with the specific steps and allowing for Q & A along the way. She’ll show modelling in Blender with the project of building a Gecko lizard.

The content is covered in three tutorials lasting over 4.5 hours.

Software used in these tutorials: Blender, DAZ Studio, GIMP/Photoshop (or other painting software), ZBrush (not mandatory), Substance Painter

SickleYield will use the Gestalt workflow of modelling: -

- Creating good bends
- Use of shape keys and geometry replacement.
- UV mapping
- Figure Setup
- Rigging
- Tweaking maps
- Making JCMs
- Eyelid pose controls
- Texturing

The bonus video teaches meshing, UV mapping, materials, and vertex group assignment in Blender

The two main video files are indexed, allowing you to jump to key learning points easily.

SESSION 1: The Rig (Blender and Daz Studio)

-Intro with brief discussion of bonus video content
-Setting up a directory for your product to aid saving and distribution
-Export to Daz Studio via obj format
-Importing an obj to the Figure Setup tab
-Setting up a hierarchy and rotations in Figure Setup tab
-Assigning weight maps
-Tweaking weight maps joint by joint with the Weight Map Brush
-Creating basic joint-controlled morphs
-Creating advanced joint-controlled morphs that transition between values or affect multiple bends
-Creating pose controls for facial features and the tail
-Creating morphs for different character features
-Saving correctly

SESSION 2: The Textures (The GIMP, Zbrush and Substance Painter)

-Creating a "dev" directory for your WIP textures
-Finding legal texture sources
-Creating brushes from photos for Zbrush and Substance Painter use
-Prepping the mesh for texturing
-Creating the high rez portion of the normal map in Zbrush
-Importing your mesh to Substance Painter
-Importing Zbrush's normal maps to Substance Painter
-Painting a texture in Substance Painter with an updated normal map
-Using different brushes to get different looks on different body areas
-Exporting textures from Substance Painter
-Setting up shaders for different body material areas in the Surfaces Tab
-Saving materials and saving your figure with textures
-Creating additional diffuse texture colors and patterns in the GIMP from those painted in Substance Painter

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