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Cassinia Snake Goddess For G8F

Dawnload Cassinia Snake Goddess For G8F for free
Image: Cassinia Snake Goddess For G8F

Title: Cassinia Snake Goddess For G8F – download for Daz Studio or Poser

Home Page: _http://www.renderotica.com/store/sku/60835_Cassinia-Snake-Goddess-For-G8F


This package includes:
CASSINIA character (shaping and textures for Genesis 8 Female)
CASSINIA is a really dark and seductive girl with exotic skin and eyes, she likes to seduce guys before eating them,

She is a SNAKE GODDESS with IRAY! materials, and has 3 full mat preset 1 is the base, 1 is the SNAKEGODDESS1, and the SNAKEGODDESS2. (Includes gens preset for all skins)
+ many nails, lips, eyes and makeup option with 1 extra special makeup(snake skin makeup) for nails, lips, and eyes makeup.
+2 different Snake Eyes preset. Character comes with some extra morphs as well like SnakeTeeth, SnakeTongue, and SnakeTongueLong
All morphs come with the shaping presets and the remove presets of these.

You will need DAZ anatomical elements G8F gens to use the gens material presets.
This product does not need any morphs, all morphs were created in zbrush.
Installation & Instructions:
Daz3D: Unzip all files, "data, Documentation, People, Runtime" to your "C: or D:\Users\Public\Public Documents\My DAZ 3D Library

Download links:

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