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Cira for Genesis 8 Female

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Image: Cira for Genesis 8 Female

Title: Cira for Genesis 8 Female – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Cira is a stunning new addition to the Genesis 8 Line and the latest Gypsy Girl to make her debut!

With numerous LIE makeup options, 9 eye colors, 6 LIE eyeliners, 6 LIE eyeshadows and one full body LIE Rose tattoo, 3 fibermesh brow colors, along with 8 metallic liners and 5 metallic shadows, Cira is customizable to fit every scene.

With custom-sculpted face, full body tattoo and makeup, nothing about Cira is ordinary... from girl next door to supermodel, and athlete to night villain, Cira for Genesis 8 Female will be the star of your next render!

This pack utilizes some Genesis 8 Body Morphs, along with some custom sculpted morphs. Start with either the full character or a fresh Genesis 8 Female model. Applying the face morph to an already morphed Genesis 8 will create unintentional results. Genesis 8 Morphs are needed to fully utilize this pack. Cira was created on the Genesis 8 Female Base UV set, so her textures will work on any Genesis 8 Female character you wish.

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