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The Queen of Thorns Bundle

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Image: The Queen of Thorns Bundle

Title: The Queen of Thorns Bundle – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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The Queen of Thorns Bundle is a historically inspired fantasy Character, Outfit and Addon Bundle with an amazing look.

To allow for versatility in the dForce Queen of Thorns outfit, several pieces like the skirts have been rigged with individual bones. They allow for maximum control and easy handling before and after dForce simulations, and numerous morphs have been built into the outfit pieces to allow for a further variety of looks, completed by specialized hide and show options which can give pieces like the corset a completely new look.

The dForce Queen of Thorns Addon gives you several new parts including a long trailing cape, shoulder length gloves, a neckband and high heeled boots bring a new dynamic to the ensemble.

Perhaps most importantly, you also get Katherine HD, who is ready for more than just fantasy scenes!

The Queen of Thorns Bundle is perfect for your heroine, historically inspired damsel or evil and mysterious sorceress.

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