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Title: Elios 8 Pro Bundle – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Elios is a strong, courageous, and loyal battle-born leader. He wields immense power and has a commanding presence. Even though his serious temperament can be intimidating to those around him, he is rarely the catalyst for conflict, often ensuring a harmonious existence with his surroundings. But get on his bad side and you will most definitely come off second best.

The starter bundle thrusts Elios 8 into the historic realm of an epic and decadent lifestyle, reminiscent of some of the most idealistic and romanticized time periods of our classic history, with immense stamina that begets his wind-swept hairstyle.

The Pro Bundle takes Elios 8 into a world of fantasy adventure, where he has the means to exert immense power in his environment. With hair that depicts a time-tested scholarly conjuror, a king fit for the throne or a warrior who can command whole armies to do his will, this bundle brings a whole new level to Elios’ adventures.

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