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Elaborate Jewelry Vol 2

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Title: Elaborate Jewelry Vol 2 – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Elaborate Jewelry Vol 2 is the second installment in Parallax's elaborate jewelry collection. Whether ceremonial, ethnic, religious or simply beautiful, your characters will love unique craftsmanship behind each piece of jewelry.

Every item is UV mapped with assigned surfaces in order to ensure versatility in coordinating with your outfits. This means you may use your own library of shaders or the Iray options I have included. There are morphs and rigged elements combined to provide you with the flexibility to achieve realistic results when posing.

Elaborate Jewelry Vol 2 includes:

The Dragonic Crown- A ritualistic crown adorned with the trophies of a slain dragon. Intimidate your foes with The Dragonic Crown while in battle with full armor or pair it with tribal clothing.
Gypsy Queen - A beautiful dressing of jewels, rings and chain links that sway with every dance of passion. Goes perfect with a romantic dress or any royal attire.
Raven Jewelry- A dark and yet colorful jewelry set with skulls and crosses. Accessorize your gothic characters!
The Druid - The Druid is the most elaborate jewelry set that ParallaxCreates has made to date. The circlet has hundreds of bones rigged together to create the most realistic and animatable piece of jewelry yet. Pose each row of chains and glowing bobbles to breathe life into your magical renders. Your mystical, magical and mythological characters await to be crowned as The Druid.

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